april 2012

Documentary filmmaking and ethics – April 2012

In my research project I am investigating ethics in the everyday practice of documentary filmmaking. In two empirical research efforts, I am trying to include the perspective of both documentary filmmakers and documentary participants.

If you’ve been here before, you might remember that my project started with concepts documentary scholars and filmmakers considered to be moral issues in documentary filmmaking. I created a questionnaire to see which filmmakers experienced most, what they did, and in what kind of circumstances. I used serious statistical methods to analyze this. Right now, an article with the main results in being peer-reviewed. Hopefully they’ll think it’s interesting enough…

And then I interviewed four Dutch documentary participants, who all generously shared their experiences with me. I interviewed them twice, once around the premiere of the film and again four to six months later, to see if the reception of the film as well as time might change their views. In some cases it did… Of course I analyzed what they told me about their experiences, but I also tried to look at how they talked about it, to get an idea of their attitude and approach to the project – and to the interview itself.

And if all goes well it looks like I can round it all up before the Summer and defend my thesis in Autumn.

Meanwhile, feel free to roam around here to see what I have written about my research and about documentary films. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free…


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