for DOX

I’ve been writing critiques and articles for DOX Magazine since 2008. You can find my articles here and most come with a home-made pdf scan. For more info on DOX, please visit the link on the right.


Where to go with the alphabet? DOX 101, 46. [about Alphabet by Erwin Wagenhofer]

Constructing Losing Sonia DOX 101, 49. [about Losing Sonia by Radka Franczak]


Wintry Exoticism DOX 99, 44. [about Pipeline by Vitaly Mansky]

Exploiting the Thin Line. DOX 98, 26-27. [about the International Film Festival Rotterdam]

Just One Size too Small. DOX 98, 44. [about Dummy Jim]

Digital Storytelling. DOX, 97, 22-23.  [about IDFA’s DocLab conference]

Surrounded by Secrecy. DOX, 97, 40-41.  [about Forced Confessions and Morning Fears, Night Chants]

Remember How to Forget. DOX, 97, 50.  [about First Cousin Once Removed]


Mixed market benefits? DOX, 96, 22-23.  [about the Dutch Production Platform]

Loss and love. About cruelty as an act of love. DOX, 96, 28-29.  [about the Binger Doc Lab]

Doing contemporary gender. DOX, 96, 40-41.  [about Mansome and Sexy Baby]

Constructing memory. DOX, 96, 42-43.  [about My House Without Me and Tonia and her Children]

Herzog as prosecutor. DOX, 95, 40-41.  [about Death Row]

Voyeurism thematized. DOX, 95, 43. [about Doctor Korbes]

Why size matters. DOX, 94, 10-12. [about short films at the Go Short International Short Film Festival]

Observing China. DOX, 94, 46-47. [about Chinese films at the International Film Festival Rotterdam]

The film as evidence. DOX, 93, 40-41.  [about Granito]


That which stands beyond. DOX, 92, 50-51.  [about Antwerp Central]

Dox Box continues to inspire. DOX, 91, 17-18.  [about Dox Box, the international documentary film festival in Damascus, Syria]

Unfinished logic. DOX, 91, 42-43.  [about A Film Unfinished]

Five ways to look at the world. DOX, 90, 32-33. [about the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands]

The art of creating menus. DOX, 90, 46-47. [about El Bulli]

Welcome to Spain. DOX, 90, 52-53. [about Familia]

The enemy within. DOX, 89, 36-37. [about Agnus Dei, Holy Wars, and Our Summer in Tehran]

Something is missing. DOX, 89, 38-39. [about God No Say So]

Naples equals the Maffia. DOX, 89, 42-43. [about Napoli, Napoli, Napoli and Scena del Crimine]


(Re)Framing Palestinians. DOX, 88, 42-43. [about Aisheen (Still alive in Gaza) and Budrus]

They just want law and order. DOX, 88, 44. [about The Lie and Wilders – The Movie]

Love and the Family. DOX, 88, 49. [about Winter of Love]

Workshop: Binger Filmlab. DOX, 87, 20-21.

A soft approach. DOX, 87, 41. [about To Fight For]

Multiple times in documentaries. DOX, 86, 26-27. [about Farewell, Jaffa, the Orange’s Clockwork, and Clandestine]

An exoticism that blinds people? DOX, 86, 42-43. [about Bhutto]

A singular, sole person – monosyllabic. DOX, 86, 46-47. [about Last Words]

On loneliness. DOX, 85, 28-29. [about The Player]

A battle you cannot win. DOX, 85, 32-33. [about Mugabe and the White African and White Material]


People helping people – Book review Fans, Friends and Followers. DOX, 84, 11-12.

Feelings instead of thoughts – Interview with Menna Laura Meyer. DOX, 82, 20-21.

Accepting exceptions – Copyright legislation. DOX, 81, 6-8.


Bringing creative docs to Syrians. DOX, 77, 8-10. [about Dox Box, the international documentary film festival in Damascus, Syria]

Israeli’s, Koreans, and kids. DOX, 77, 22-24. [about Docaviv, the international documentary film festival in Tel Aviv, Israel]


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