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11 12 2014

On the use of online audiovisual archives in scholarship

Call for proposals

IAMCR 2015 – panel Visual Culture working group

Television has, throughout its existence, been regarded as a window to the world as well as a reflection of national and regional identities and cultures. The art of film has left us with a wealth of works which contribute to our visual world heritage. Television and film archives provide rich collections of images, sounds, and artefacts related to television broadcasts, film screenings, and production practices of both. As with so many archival collections, archive items not digitally born are being digitized, and increasingly collections are made accessible through the internet, providing worldwide access to television’s and film’s history.

Researchers working with online (audiovisual) archives find a wealth of online digital materials. However, to understand such sources, researchers largely depend on metadata, usually provided by the content provider (archives, broadcasters), often in an incomplete and inconsistent manner. At the same time, separated from their original context within a programme, film, or practice, archival material becomes detached from its original meaning creating environment, and may be taken up in a new setting by the researcher, giving it a novel, or additional, meaning. Thus, the use and re-use of archival material by researchers provides opportunities for confirmation as well as resistance to the original, to its context, and its meaning. Re-contextualization opens spaces for reinterpretation, for renewed understanding, and for alternative readings.

A panel is proposed here to create a stage for the discussion of the use of online audiovisual archives in research. It may include but is not limited to:

theories of the digital archive:

  • on forming collections
  • the role of metadata for research
  • researchers as metadata creators
  • ethical issues of metadata creation and publication
  • sustainability of the online archive
  • collaboration between public and private bodies
  • the need for interdisciplinary work
  • ontology and epistemology of the digital
  • ethics of digital research

methods and tools for searching, researching, and analysing digital sources:

  • epistemologies of research tools
  • various uses of tools (black box vs critical)
  • challenges of access to online audiovisual archives or archival material

research practices:

  • use of online audiovisual archives as sources of primary material
  • challenges of using and re-using digital audiovisual sources (remix, mash-ups)
  • publications: academic videos / online publications
  • research projects
  • digital audiovidual collections and their management and maintenance

The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) is a worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research. Its members promote global inclusiveness and excellence within the best traditions of critical scholarship in the field.

In line with the CfP of IAMCR’s Visual Culture working group, only abstracts in English will be accepted. However, presentations and sessions in English, French or Spanish will be facilitated.

Proposal submission
Proposals for this panel of up to 200 words are welcome and can be submitted to w.sanders[a] The deadline for submission is Friday 16 January 2015.

Queries about this call for proposals can be addressed to
Willemien Sanders, PhD, Utrecht University, w.sanders[a]
Berber Hagedoorn, MA, Utrecht University, b.hagedoorn[a]
Liliana Melgar E., MA, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, lilimelgar[a]

Relevant websites:
IAMCR Visual Culture working group
Local Organisation’s website



Media Production Analysis cfp IAMCR 2015

21 11 2014

The call for papers for the Media Production Analysis working group at IAMCR 2015 is out. IAMCR 2015 will take place in Montreal, Canada, 12-16 July. The central theme is Hegemony or Resistance? On the Ambiguous Power of Communication. Deadline for proposals: 9 February 2015.

ECREA presentation

15 11 2014

Working late to rehearse my 8.30 (!) presentation at ECREA, Lisbon, Portugal (12-15 November). With my SiFTI colleague Roel, I will give a presentation on the way two private Dutch production companies have different strategies to finance the films they really want to make.

Giving a workshop in Rome later this week

27 10 2014

As part of the EUscreenXL conference (Rome, 30-31 October), this Friday me and my colleagues will give a workshop on contextualization of (archival) AV material through online publication and re-use. It’s got a fancy title: How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication? We’ve made flyer for the workshop, in which we will discuss prototypes for online publications with AV as well as relevant functionalities, and let participants design their own. On the conference website, you can also find the workshop description.

Deadline extended: New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies

22 10 2014

Deadline extended to 14 November 2014

Next April, the Bristol Cultural Research Group, UWE Bristol / School of Creative Arts, Film and Media, University of Portsmouth host a conference on film and television production studies. The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2014. See the Call for Papers (pdf) for details.

EUscreenXL conference programme

24 09 2014

The full programme of the EUscreenXL conference in Rome, 30-31 October 2014, is now available. Registration is still open. With colleagues I am presenting a workshop on publishing Digital Humanities research including audiovisual material online.

Call for Proposals: New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies

15 06 2014

Next April, the Bristol Cultural Research Group, UWE Bristol / School of Creative Arts, Film and Media, University of Portsmouth host a conference on film and television production studies. The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2014. See the Call for Papers (pdf) for details.